Erin's New England Cockapoos
Breeding exceptional companion Cockapoo Puppies in Massachusetts since 1993


Waiting List & Puppy Process

Erin’s New England Cockapoos offers exceptional pups to exceptional families and has been doing so since 1993.

Our process is unique, took years to develop, and is tailored to assure families bring home the best pup for them, armed with lots of practical knowledge, ready to face the challenges of raising their new family member.

It needs to be noted that we are not a kennel but a private home. Therefore, we do not have "visiting hours" nor do we have an endless stream of puppies.

Our breeding is very selective and intentional and meant to "anchor" positive traits and superior health in our Cockapoos. We do have a wait list and a process we go through:
I believe it’s important to meet interested families and for them to meet me and my dogs, ask questions, see where the dogs live and the pups will be raised for their first eight weeks. So, if you are interested in possibly getting on the waiting list for a pup, an email or phone call should be one of your first steps.
IF, after that correspondence or chat ,we decide to take things to the next step, we would set up a time for you to come meet me and my dogs.
After we’ve all met, assuming everyone agrees to move forward with the puppy process, you reserve a pup/are placed on the waiting list with a non-refundable $300 deposit.  
At that point, as a puppy-approved home you can expect:

- A birth announcement email with pictures
- A weekly email update with pictures
- Weekly visits
- Very information-packed emails

The Matching Process: Once the pups are five weeks old, approved families come for weekly visits, however, before the visits begin, families will email me the 'Top Three Traits' they are hoping for in a pup. For example: social, smart, affectionate; or curious, active, playful...etc. Then, during the first visit or two, we’ll discuss those traits, exchange information and families will outline for me what they plan to be doing with the pup, a family’s level of experience raising a pup, etc...
Cockapoos do not exhibit gender-specific behavior, and Cockapoo colors can change dramatically from puppyhood to adulthood, therefore I match pups to families based on temperament and personality traits; the matching is not based on any physical traits.

On week 7 each family knows which pup will be theirs and so visits during those weeks are with their specific pup, rather than the entire litter. On week 8 the pup goes home with the family it has become so familiar with over the course of those wonderful weekly visits.
By week 8 the pups will have had their Vet visits, been wormed, and had their first series of vaccinations.
A few weeks before each family brings home their new baby, I will send out very information-packed emails to help families best prepare for their new arrival.







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