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Adult Cockapoo Adoption

Sometimes, one of my dogs will be retired from breeding and if they do not live in a Forever Guardian Home, they may be offered for re-homing adoption.

Available Adult:  "CARU"  AS OF JUNE 2012, CARU HAS BEEN ADOPTED
The name Caru (Ca-roo) means "Beloved" in Welsh, and it certainly reflects what this beautiful dog is. She joined me when she was just 10 weeks old and has held a special place in my heart from our very first meeting.

Caru is a darling girl who needs a very particular type of home.
She is extremely loving and sweet-tempered, and one of her favorite places in the world - second only to chasing a ball - is right in the middle of your lap. She is afraid of men, though, and because of that, I would place her in an all-female household where she can feel most at ease. She has never lived with young children, but she is quite comfortable around most young adults, so I would be willing to place her in a home with teenagers. A home where people have an understanding of gentle-natured dogs would be a plus.
Caru just turned five years in February, has been spayed, has had her teeth cleaned, all bloodwork done, is current on her vaccinations, and is in excellent health. I would require whatever home she joins to hire/work with a trainer to help Caru with her transition from my home to your home. Her new home must have someone present in the home for half the day or more, as Caru is not used to ever being alone.

Caru at 10 weeks

Caru as a mom

Caru with her "pack"

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